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HDR in Berlin: Leipziger Platz

Leipziger Platz square is the little brother of the adjacent Potsdamer Platz. Leipziger Platz was destructed in World War II and was still – to my surprise – under construction when I visited there. The tall Bahntower building and the railway station of Potsdamer Platz are in the background.

HDR in Berlin: Wall

In Berlin of course Berlin Wall had to be photographed. And of course it’s surrounded by a fence. So that tourists wouldn’t chisel out little pieces of the wall for themselves. But where there’s space for lens, there’s also space for photography. And thus HDR shot from Berlin Wall was born.

HDR in Berlin: Tiergarten

Tiergarten is the Central Park of Berlin. It’s a large green zone located in downtown Berlin. In the middle of Tiergarten there’s a monument called Siegessäule. With an observation deck on the top. Photographing there is OK although the deck is pretty small. So care must be taken when using a tripod. Anyway sights are nice up there: you can see the huge park spanning to every direction from the tower with buildings somewhere far away.

HDR in Berlin: Crossroads

Potsdamer Platz, in addition to being a public square, is also a busy traffic intersection. Two big streets cross each other on surface. They are busy even at night. And railway station serves customers underground. It has both S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines. The tall buildings on the sides oversee the traffic with their lidless eye.

HDR in Helsinki: Malminkartanonhuippu

That evening sunset was extraordinary. I think it was because of the thunderstorms before on that day. The clouds give color to sunsets but I’m pretty sure there’s something more. Have yet to find what exactly gives different colors to the setting sun.

That day we decided to check the artificial hill of Malminkartanonhuippu. We walked up there and shot the sunset. And there were still some raining in the distance.