HDR in Helsinki: Altar

After you’ve entered the Cathedral of Helsinki the aisle leads you to the altar. There are two angels guarding the retable and a candle is lit on the table. The light from side windows gives the altar a nice bluish glow. The painting itself is called “Jeesuksen hautaaminen” (Burial of Jesus) and it’s made by Timeon Karl von Neff.

When I went to the cathedral I got positively surprised. Why? I asked for the opening hours and they answered the church is open till midnight. That’s pretty long for a church in Finland. I wouldn’t mind if they made other churches in Helsinki open until the evening at least. They make excellent scenes for HDR photography!


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    Elena June 14, 2012

    This is just gorgeous!

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    awais December 16, 2012

    wow! excellent work of you.

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