HDR in Helsinki: Blue Hour

The reason why this moment is called blue hour is pretty self-explanatory. Everything is more or less blue. It’s my favourite photography moment among the sunset. I think HDR shines when it’s used around sunset. Blue hour goes too. Exposure times are just longer. You might miss the train ;)

In an earlier post I wondered where are all the buildings. After all, we are in the very downtown. Well, here they are. This photo is taken in the core of Helsinki, just next to the Central Railway Station. The station itself can be seen in right hand side. Some of the commuter tracks to suburbs also leave there. In fact, you can almost see the blue platform signs and clocks.

Oh, it’s a little celebration time too! The blog has been running exactly 4 months today. I launched it on January 18, 2012. As promised I’ll continue posting a new photo from our beautiful capital every day. I also recently started posting articles. Be sure to check them out! As usually everything is done with you in mind, dear Reader. It’s ultimately you why I have this blog. It’s your decision how it succeeds. You give me inspiration. You are the best.


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    Mirjam Adolphi May 18, 2012

    I love your “blue hour”

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    StreetLounge May 18, 2012

    Nice! I know I always say that, but – this time your photo reminds me of another great place – Hamburg! I should definitely visit Helsinki!

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      Akseli Niemelä May 18, 2012

      Haha :D My friend in university is from Hamburg. She always talks about how beautiful city it is. I’ll in fact visit it quickly next summer :) And welcome to Finland! It’s best to visit here summertime. Wintertime is just snow, wind and cold. You can’t really hang outside. Unlike in Summer :)

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        StreetLounge May 21, 2012

        Thanks! :) And I think you’ll definitely enjoy your visit in Hamburg!

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    Anniemilia May 18, 2012

    Haha katoin tätä joku sata vuotta enkä mitenkään keksinyt mistä tää on :D

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      Akseli Niemelä May 18, 2012

      In English please, not many people in the world know Finnish.

      But yeah, straight from downtown :) It’s the fountain of Kaisaniemen puisto. Central Railway Station in background in the right hand side.

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