HDR in Helsinki: Experiment

Two days ago I went to Kannelmäki after beautiful sunset. Turned out there were also fog rising from the nearby football fields. Mätäjoki was flowing in front of them. So I set up the tripod, start shooting and text my girlfriend that this is gonna be the shit: weather’s great, nice clouds in the sky, never took fog photos before, all in all the end of the golden hour. Shooting goes fast, perhaps surprisingly fast. Camera is working so quickly today. Well, it’s just good thing: who would want to wait long? I take some more shots and head back home. Walking the sand road I realize it. The reason for camera quickness was ISO 800.

I had left ISO high due to photographing some ducks earlier in Tampere. Of course I didn’t remember to change it back to 100. Very furious I took the train home. I almost deleted the photos instantly without even checking them. For some reason however I uploaded them to computer and went through the images. Mm, not so bad… not so bad… not so bad… where’s the noise? I ran them through RAW processor and HDR processor. Still barely noticeable amount of noise! I finished the work with post processing and here’s the result. Noisewise it’s clean: much much cleaner than I was expecting!


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    JK April 26, 2012

    Very nice scene. You were very lucky to get to use your skills on a moment like that.

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      Akseli April 26, 2012

      Cheers! The little marking of “ISO 800” on the camera’s LCD looked like a disaster first. Turned out that it wasn’t the end of all :) Still, recommend using the lowest possible ISO with HDRs especially if tripod is available and you are willing to use it.

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    Anniemilia April 26, 2012

    Good old Kantsu :D Wouldn’t thought could look this pretty.

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      Akseli April 26, 2012

      There are pretty things in Kannelmäki too…

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