HDR in Helsinki: Kansalliskirjasto

Happy Midsummer Eve! I hope you are enjoying the celebration of Summer right now. At least I am. For us Finns the Midsummer Eve is very important day since we see our friends and celebrate with them. We go to summer cottage, drink, make sauna, eat sausage and have fun. See you tomorrow, my friend!

This is the National Library of Finland (Kansalliskirjasto in our language). It used to be Helsinki University Library until the name change some years ago. Administratively, it’s still part of the university. Moreover the library stores the Finnish cultural heritage. Many many old and almost forgotten books are found there. In fact some books are so important they can only be read in the library. You can’t borrow them home.

When you enter the library you have to leave your jackets and bags to lockers in the lobby. Probably so you couldn’t steal anything. After this when you enter the first book hall, there’s an upper level. When I was visiting the library there was another photographer up there, taking shots of something. Perhaps HDR photography… perhaps not. He probably got there with the aid of janitor.

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    www.helsinki.fr July 6, 2012

    Salut, J’ai bien aimé ton article sur Helsinki university. Je n’en avais jamais entendu parler. Merci. A bientôt, Matthias.

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