HDR in Helsinki: Oasis In The City

It is Central Park in New York City. In London it goes by the name Hyde Park. In Berlin it’s Tiergarten. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about the oases in the cities. They are built in the central areas, giving citizens a piece of nature in the middle of concrete jungles. In Helsinki the park is called Keskuspuisto (The Central Park, heh). The most famous part of the park is around Töölönlahti bay in central Helsinki. Many Helsinkians use it for their recreational activities such as jogging and photographing. The Finnish National Opera (to the left) and the Olympic Stadium lie on the shores of Töölönlahti. From the latter you can only see the 72 metres high tower in the picture.

After many days of boring weather Saturday looked promising. In the evening I looked out of the window and saw amazing clouds coupled with the setting sun. I decided to head downtown. When arriving to Central Railway Station I looked out of train’s window. I saw sun setting over Töölönlahti. I have to say that I’ve never walked 1 kilometre – which is the distance from station platforms to the bay – so fast. I set up tripod and took many many shots. Some girls jogged by. I overheard them saying that this scene gives a wonderful photo. It indeed did :)

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