HDR in Helsinki: Orthodox Cemetery

The Orthodox Cemetery of Helsinki lies in the western district of Lapinlahti. It is easily recognized by the church’s cupola that is onion-shaped. Unfortunately, there was a ceremony in the church so I couldn’t enter there. The building in the picture is a large tomb (maybe even a family grave?) at the southern end of the cemetery. The little straight road leads to the entrance. Besides this, there were some large decorated tombs around the cemetery as well. Some famous people are buried in the graveyard. For example, Kirka, one of the most succesful Finnish singers, is resting in peace in the Orthodox Cemetery.

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    Ansku March 7, 2012

    Tosi hienoja HDR-kuvia sulla! Itse olen juuri aloittelemassa HDR:n opettelua, täytyykin tutustua sun blogiin ja etsiä vähän inspiraatiota!

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