HDR in Helsinki: Reflections

Do you like reflections in photography? I think they’re neat! I was strolling around in Hakaniemi one day when stumbled upon this view: sun shining through thin clouds and giving reflection from a pond. I really never tried a reflection photo before so now it was about time. Tripod, 7 exposures, manual bracketing (budget camera) and some after processing was needed for this. The beauty of HDR photography is that you can shoot in direct sunlight – and direct sunlight through thin clouds :P – and still achieve results. This time, reflections, s’il vous plaît!


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    David Bennett March 25, 2012

    Lovely shot and I love the way the cobblestones right in the foreground are sharp.

    Got to ask – what camera and what HDR program did you use?

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      Akseli March 25, 2012


      I use Nikon D3100 with kit lens. Tripod is the cheapest one from the local shop. In other words my equipment is the cheapest one you can imagine.

      I used Photomatix with default settings with this one. The only setting I tweaked was Strength: I put it to 100. Everything else was set default. I think this way the result will be most realistic which I like :)

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