HDR in Helsinki: Sunset Behind Rocks

Boy, was the sunset beautiful that day! I decided to take the ferry to Suomenlinna island. From there you can see the setting sun nicely. The sea is between you and the sunset. Alas you can position yourself cleverly at the shore and play with different kind of compositions. I decided to try this one. It was very rocky shore this time. I think tripod got some scratches and it bend dangerously when setting it up. Anyways it’s a little broken already: Some little scratches and bendings don’t matter.


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    StreetLounge May 10, 2012

    God, what a beautiful colors!

  2. Reply
    Keith Moyer May 11, 2012

    Great image and wonderful color!

  3. Reply
    Akseli May 11, 2012

    Thanks to both of you!

  4. Reply
    Linda May 13, 2012

    Great photo! I love the rough rocks against the soft sky.

    • Reply
      Akseli May 13, 2012

      Cheers! You can have a look at my other photos too :) Hope you like them!

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