HDR in Helsinki: Tamminiemi

Villa Tamminiemi used to be the official residence of the President of Finland. It is a mansion by the sea next to the idyllic Seurasaari island. The little building on the left hand side is sauna. When president Urho Kekkonen resigned in 1982 the residence was changed to Kekkonen’s private home and when he died in 1987 the mansion was made to Urho Kekkonen’s museum. One of the three current official residences of the President called Mäntyniemi is nearby. There’s of course the Presidential Palace too located in the downtown area. The last residence is Kultaranta in Naantali and it is used for summer residence of the President.


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    Nora April 18, 2012

    AWESOME! It is so amazing photo. It is not only the photo technic that i like, it is your eyes of photographer ! You just catch the best moment/picture :)

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      Akseli April 18, 2012

      Cheers! This pic was actually taken by my friend and I made it to HDR and tonemapped it and posted here.

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