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HDR in Ventimiglia: Old Town Alley

A narrow alley in the old town of Ventimiglia, an Italian border town close to France.

HDR in Nice: Down The Beach

This is the famous beach of Nice. Located by the Mediterranean sea, the area is known as Cote d’Azur or Riviera. Many come there to get tanned in the daytime and get drunk in the night time. But I was there to photograph. For us Finns this kind of places are golden; we are used to long and cold and snowy winters. Summers are usually hot, but the views differ from this a lot. Also notice the sunrays coming from behind the hotel Le Méridien in the upper right corner.

HDR in Ventimiglia: Old Town

On our trip to Nice, France we learnt that Italy is quite a close. The border of Italy is just 45 minutes away by train from Nice. Well, one day we wanted to see Italy as well. We took the train from Nice railway station to Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is the border town in Italy side and the end stop of that train. It’s a pleasant little town by the Italian side of the Riviera. There’s also an old town, up on the hill, which can be seen in this HDR photo.

HDR in Nice: Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours

It’s a building day… First museum from Helsinki and now some kind of church(?) in Nice, France. We found it when we were walking down the Mont Boron in the evening. Can’t say much more since there seems to be no information about it in English. Anyway it looks exotic, at least to a Finnish eye. And the French license plates, love them :)

HDR in Nice: Old Town

Ah, Old Town. Classic. Nice has one too. And in a way it’s very similar to the old towns here in North. The alleys are narrow, they are full of little shops and the buildings are sure old. In French it is called Vieux Nice.

We were also tasting the local food called “socca” in the old town. It’s like salty and bit dry pancake. I recommend it as a snack for the curious. It wasn’t enough as a meal but I don’t think that’s the meaning after all. Just order it, eat while walking and enjoy. Later you can eat more.