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HDR in Paris: Eiffel Tower

What is included in every possible Paris trip out there? The Eiffel Tower. We couldn’t help including it, either. We even reached the top of it. We also took a lot of pictures in the nearby areas: today’s photo is, for example, taken from Champ de Mars. Even though it was January it was still pretty green and warm in Paris. Here in Finland it was -20 and snowing cats and dogs. But hey, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do. Well Parisians wouldn’t probably visit the Eiffel Tower with maps and cameras. Us tourists do that.

HDR in Paris: Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe is a famous landmark in the city of Paris, located in the western end of the Champs-Élysées avenue. Heavy traffic traverses around it and one must take underpassage to reach the monument. You can reach the bottom for free but should you take a walk to the top you must pay or proof your EU citizenship (for EU citizens the trip to top is free). I heard that some people have been told by the police to stop photographing the monument with tripods but I had no problems there. I recommend to take a trip to Arc de Triomphe if you are planning to visit Paris!

HDR in Paris: Sacre Coeur with Carousel

On our Last day to Paris we visited the Montmartre region. It is a district of artists, pubs and cafés. The old basilica Sacre Coeur lies on the summit of butte Montmartre. When you walk downhill you end up to a little plaza with a carousel. Even it was January and pretty cold weather the carousel was up and running. We didn’t ride it unlike some kids there. After that we went to have expensive café on the other side of the road and said goodbye to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.

HDR in Paris: Champ de Mars

When we visited the Eiffel Tower we couldn’t help noticing Champ de Mars park down there. It is a large park and it runs about 600 metres from Eiffel Tower to École Militaire. Many famous Eiffel Tower pictures are taken from Champ de Mars. You can also see Trocadero from the other side of the tower. Both photos are taken from the top floor of Eiffel Tower.

HDR in Paris: Notre Dame

Many say a visit to Paris should include a visit to the Notre Dame cathedral. Well, we listened to them :P Only that we included at least two trips to the front yard and one boat trip from where Notre Dame could be seen. This photo is from the river boat. From this perspective it was way better than from the front yard. We also wanted to climb up to the tower but there was a hugh line and they didn’t take new people in line anymore. A reason to see Notre Dame again!