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HDR in Stockholm: Darkness Falls

With the last part of Stockholm series I want to present you a night shot of Stockholm. Darkness falls upon the Kungsholmen district with Västerbron bridge in the left. The area where this photo is taken is called Långholmen which is a little island in the Riddarfjärden bay in front of Södermalm district. This is also my first .PNG format HDR since I think it gave a better quality for this particular photo. God natt Stockholm och vi ses!

HDR in Stockholm: Narrow

Narrow alleys and roads are a common sight in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Old Town). Greatly because of little alleyways not many automobiles enter the Old Town and thus one can walk there without disturbances from cars. And walk one will: the alleys are everywhere. The alley here is called Göran Hälsinges Gränd and Storkyrkan church can be seen in the background.

HDR in Stockholm: Stortorget

My friend told Stortorget is the biggest tourist attraction in Stockholm. So there we went! On sunny Sunday there were many other tourists too and an old lady walking towards the square looking at something. The residents of those buildings have a great location – and a lot of people in front of their windows. I always wondered if residents of a busy tourist place (like this, or like Paris) are actually annoyed about the tourists or do the locals willingly help them?

HDR In Stockholm: No Rain

Where is the rain? Well, certainly not here! This Södermalm drainpipe was thirsty after the winter for some refreshing water. Even that cloud didn’t drop any. Bummer.

HDR in Stockholm: On The Rocks

Upon leaving Stockholm by ferry the route takes you through a narrow strait. Especially on the right hand side cliffs rise from water and different kind of buildings are built on them. This apartment is one example. I spotted something that resembled a church too. I didn’t memorize the exact location when taking the photo and couldn’t pinpoint it later though I suspect it’s in Nacka area. During the golden hour everyone was too busy taking photos :)