Licensing rights

So you want to use the photos found on this blog on your own work? Sure, you have a permission. You can:

  • Copy and use the photos
  • Modify and remix the photos

Under these circumstances:

  1. You link back to this blog (
  2. You use it for non-commercial purposes
  3. If you modify or remix the photos, please distribute the remixed work with this license. All remixed photos and their possible derivatives will also give link back to this blog (

If you want to use them for commercial purposes, please use the contact form for inquiries.

Example accepted uses of my work:

  • Putting an image to your blog post and link back to
  • Downloading image to your desktop background
  • Using the images in a PowerPoint presentation and mention source:
  • Printing an image and decorating your home with it

Example uses of my work only with a permission:

  • Putting the image on your company website’s background
  • Marketing campaign for a company
  • Using the image on a brochure or flyer (e.g. brochures advertising products, political candidate brochures)