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Revival Of The Blog

I’ve decided to revive the photo blog, and start posting photos here occasionally. I don’t do HDR photography anymore (it is six years since I started that), so majority – if not all – photos published here will be non-HDR images. If you are interested in the old site, all the old HDR photos can be found in the archives.

My New Project

I don’t upgrade this site much anymore. I stopped doing HDR photography years ago. Occasionally, I still take traditional photos without HDR technique. The images I take are published on my Flickr account from time to time.

I have moved into other projects, mainly affiliate marketing and programming. One of my newest sites is Tech Editorials, a blog that explains things related to technology. If you happen to like computers, Tech Editorials might be worth a visit.

Until the next time,

Download HDR Wallpapers!

I’m proud to tell you a new wallpaper download page was published today! The page features HDR wallpapers of common sizes, mostly 1920×1080 and 1600×1200. If you want other sizes please let me know. And as always, feel free to give feedback about them. And as usual, you can use the wallpapers for free for non-commercial usage.

Check out the new HDR wallpaper page!

New Design Is Ready To Rock

As you have probably noticed the Blog For Photos design has been revamped. I totally changed the theme (bought Thesis), layout and added more pages and features. Here’s what’s new:

  • Totally new Articles section.
  • Totally new Buy my work section.
  • Renewed About section: renewed About page and totally new About me and Recommended sites pages.
  • A little larger images on posts.
  • Social media buttons below the posts. Sharing is caring.
  • Minor tweaking here and there.

As usually all was done to make your Blog For Photos experience better. You can tell me what you think about it in the comments section below.

New free HDR minicourse available!

From this day on I’ll offer a new 5-part HDR minicourse for new newsletter subscribers! During the course I’ll give you concrete examples and tips on how to make your HDR photography better. The course is free. In addition to the course you’ll receive a compilation of week’s photos on Sundays. As usually, the policy goes: “No spam. No bullshit. Just what you signed up for.” So get your free minicourse below right away and make your HDR photos better!