Cabin All Red

Red wall of a wooden cabin in Eastern Finland. This is how many older buildings in the area look like. The door is locked by a huge lock and key that takes two hands to turn. Real old school stuff.

Freezing Saint Petersburg

The view of Griboyedov Canal (кана́л Грибое́дова) and Church of the Savior on Blood (Церковь Спаса на Крови) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Taken from the Kazansky Bridge (Каза́нский мост).

Budapest From Gellert Hill

One day I walked up on the Gellert Hill on the Buda side of the river. On the way up, there were some cool views of the city. This is one view, showing the Danube river, a river boat (there are many in the city!) and the Budapest center on the Pest side.

Łódź, Poland

This is how the center of the city Łódź in Poland looks like. The street below is Wschodnia.

Revival Of The Blog

I’ve decided to revive the photo blog, and start posting photos here occasionally. I don’t do HDR photography anymore (it is six years since I started that), so majority – if not all – photos published here will be non-HDR images. If you are interested in the old site, all the old HDR photos can be found in the archives.