Itis is a shopping centre in the eastern suburbs of Helsinki. They used to call it Itäkeskus until the name was changed to Itis this January. I suspect it’s because of the national trend to shorten and coolen every name. For example, the Finnish post services used to be the Finnish Post Office. Nowadays it’s called Itella. Logical, yea? Like Nutella? Anyways, this shopping centre is the biggest in Nordic countries and of course there are plans for expansions in the future. You can also feel safe in Itis because there’s a little police station there. There’s a big seagull flying in the foreground of this image.

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Kaisaniemen metroasema (subway station) has the coolest escalator. Furthermore, it is the only station in Helsinki subway which name is announced in one language through subway’s PA system: Kaisaniemi sounds same both in Finnish and in Swedish. For other subway stations there are always announcements in two languages. It is also located close to Central Railway Station subway and Kaisaniemen metroasema is the least used subway station (in Finnish) in downtown area.


HDR in Helsinki: Kamppi

by admin on Mar 18, 2012

Celebration time! has been running for exactly two months now! All the time the number one thing in my mind has been to bring better photos for you, dear reader. It is all that matters. I will continue to achieve the goal of 365 high quality HDR photos from our beautiful capital. The task is not always easy but I’m sure with you I can win the challenge. Keep checking the site out, tell about it to your friends and keep being awesome as you always are! And if you haven’t yet, get the free weekly newsletter and the photos will be delivered conveniently to your mailbox ;)

The huge Kampin keskus (Kamppi Center) was built only 6 years ago in the middle of Helsinki. It is a shopping centre, transportation hub, eatery, nightlife area. Heck, it is everything. Some even live there: they’ve built expensive apartments to penthouse. I remember when the massive building was under construction: for four years there was an enormous pit in the middle of the city which slowly developed to this complex. This photo is from the upper levels and shows the many floors of the shopping centre part of Kamppi.

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HDR in Helsinki: Profeetta Elian kirkko

by admin on Mar 17, 2012

Profeetta Elian kirkko (St. Elijah’s Church) is located in the orthodox cemetery of Helsinki. I was walking there in the beginning of March and apparently ran into some ceremony: I opened the front door of the church and saw bunch of people and smelt a scent of incense. I think the interiors would’ve been worthy of photographing. Usually it’s OK to photograph in Finnish churches and even use a tripod if you ask permission from the janitor. This time the ceremony was too intense for photographing in profeetta Elian kirkko.

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HDR in Helsinki: Take a Dip

by admin on Mar 16, 2012

You can do many things in Helsinki. For example you can take a dip. This dipping place is located in Suomenlinna sea fortress. Ice swimming is quite famous in Finland and have I’ve tried it myself too – not in this place but elsewhere. The water is very freezing and many take alcohol beforehand which warms you up. Another way to get yourself warm is going to sauna after ice swimming. And really, I don’t really recommend swimming here. There are safer places out there. If you still want to take a dip you can check out the how-to guide.

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