Sites I Recommend

I’ve collected a list of sites I recommend to you. I’ve found them during my hobby as a blogger and photographer. They are about HDR photography, but hey, that’s what this site is about!

Stuck In Customs
The granddaddy of HDR blogs. Owned by Trey Ratcliff. The site that initially got me hooked to HDR photography. Has a lot of wonderful photos. Trey also uses the most expensive cameras there are. A true classic.

Blame The Monkey
Not so many know this HDR blog owned by Elia Locardi. The most wonderful HDR photos I’ve ever seen. Stumbled upon this in March 2012. Has influenced me big time. Elia has great eye for top landscape photos. He also has exceptional Photoshop skills.

What Do All These Buttons Do
A newcomer (like my blog) to HDR photography. Owned by Deno Kontoulas. Although he hasn’t been in the scene for long many of his photos are world-class. I’ve also made guest posting with him. All in all, a great site.

Customized Views
A fellow Finn blogging HDR photos. Most shots are from a little town called Seinäjoki or around it. I admire him for finding interesting places in a little town like that. Check out to see what the Finnish countryside looks like.