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HDR in Helsinki: Yellow

Some time ago I published a shot with a lot of yellow in it. Well, here’s a yellow shot too. As you might’ve noticed Aurinkolahti area served as a good photography spot one day. Photos from previous days are from there. In this one there’s sunset in the background and yellow flowers in the foreground. The sea turned out to be greenish there – which I haven’t seen much elsewhere in Helsinki. Only in the Mediterranean.

HDR in Helsinki: In Aurinkolahti

Still in Aurinkolahti. It’s probably called Aurinkolahti (Sun Bay) because sun shines there the whole day. And it sounds good for potential buyers. Don’t forget to buy a big fan too. Otherwise you might get hot!

HDR in Helsinki: Moonrise

Here’s another shot of moonrise in Helsinki. It’s taken in Aurinkolahti, one of the eastern districts. There’s a big beach there and a harbor with some surprisingly big yachts. I think the harbor with the big boats, white apartments and quite green water looked a bit Mediterranean. This one, however, looks very Finnish. Pines, seagull, not green water.

HDR in Helsinki: Lunatic

This is my first moon HDR shot. It’s photographed in Aurinkolahti in eastern Helsinki. My intentions were to photograph something else there but the moonrise occurred at good time.

On the way back I almost finished the after processing in bus and train. It took an hour to get home in the night time. It was also interesting to do Photoshopping in moving bus. Hope it succeeded!