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HDR in Helsinki: Bell Tower

It is a beautiful bell tower. The green top goes well with the brownish lower part. The bell tower of the Central Railway Station is definitely one of the most recognized landmarks in Helsinki. After dark it’s great for HDR photography too with all those lights. However…

…it has been renovated several times recently. There have been many problems. For example, the clock had problems keeping time. That’s bad because many citizens check the time from the tower’s clock. Big clock of the main railway station. Up there, always faithful. But not recently. No good, no good.

HDR in Helsinki: Central Railway Station

Railway stations are usually big. So is the Central Railway Station in the heart of Helsinki. One looking to capture the most of it should perhaps head upwards. Perhaps to the top of the department store Sokos. There’s a restaurant and a terrace with panoramic views over Helsinki downtown. And the railway station. Whether you like it or not, you’ll also capture much of the sky. And every HDR photography guy out there knows that sky is an essential element in your photo. Depending on your luck you can capture sky with beautiful clouds. Or just normal ones like here.

HDR in Helsinki: Empty Station

I like when popular places in the core are empty. Central Railway station, for example, looks magnificent (and a little spooky) when there are no people. But it’s not empty often. I was thinking for a long time to go there at the best possible time. And turned out that Tuesday evening half past eleven was that time. Why? The last subway comes at that time. Slightly after, the gates to this part of the station are closed. Right before this, before the people walk up from the last subway, there’s nobody there. And this is when I striked. Very empty moment. Just four people sitting on the benches.

The scene was good for HDR photography as well. HDR doesn’t favor people since they are usually moving. And because HDR is about combining many photos to one, moving objects can be troublesome to the processing. Not it was without people so there were no problems in the processing.

HDR in Helsinki: Revisit

Remember the first photo of ever posted on this blog? It was taken in the heart of Helsinki, on the top of the department store Sokos. It showed the busy life of downtown. Central Railway Station was on the left hand side with the main entrance in the middle. The photo was taken during the wintertime. It was about midday when I was there.

Now, five months later, I decided to revisit the top terrace. There’s a restaurant up there, with free access to public by elevators. I wanted to see how the scene looks on summertime. I wanted to see how it works for HDR photography. Well, it looks like this. Not much have changed. Just the snow has melted and leaves have appeared to trees. And now it was about eight in the evening when I was there. It’s bright here until very late.

HDR in Helsinki: Blue Hour

The reason why this moment is called blue hour is pretty self-explanatory. Everything is more or less blue. It’s my favourite photography moment among the sunset. I think HDR shines when it’s used around sunset. Blue hour goes too. Exposure times are just longer. You might miss the train ;)

In an earlier post I wondered where are all the buildings. After all, we are in the very downtown. Well, here they are. This photo is taken in the core of Helsinki, just next to the Central Railway Station. The station itself can be seen in right hand side. Some of the commuter tracks to suburbs also leave there. In fact, you can almost see the blue platform signs and clocks.

Oh, it’s a little celebration time too! The blog has been running exactly 4 months today. I launched it on January 18, 2012. As promised I’ll continue posting a new photo from our beautiful capital every day. I also recently started posting articles. Be sure to check them out! As usually everything is done with you in mind, dear Reader. It’s ultimately you why I have this blog. It’s your decision how it succeeds. You give me inspiration. You are the best.