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HDR in Helsinki: Itäkeskuksen Maamerkki

Itäkeskuksen maamerkki (Landmark of Itäkeskus) is an office tower in the Itäkeskus district of Helsinki. Wikipedia tells (in Finnish) that it is 82 metres high and is the fifth tallest building in whole Finland. See, we don’t have very high buildings here. The Itis shopping centre is located just on the other side of the motorway. There’s also a observation deck on top of Itäkeskuksen maamerkki… Could it be my next destination?

HDR in Helsinki: Itis

Itis is a shopping centre in the eastern suburbs of Helsinki. They used to call it Itäkeskus until the name was changed to Itis this January. I suspect it’s because of the national trend to shorten and coolen every name. For example, the Finnish post services used to be the Finnish Post Office. Nowadays it’s called Itella. Logical, yea? Like Nutella? Anyways, this shopping centre is the biggest in Nordic countries and of course there are plans for expansions in the future. You can also feel safe in Itis because there’s a little police station there. There’s a big seagull flying in the foreground of this image.