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HDR in Helsinki: Another Blue Hour Shot

If you are looking for HDR photography scenes try the blue hour. That’s my advice. The places you see everyday are different when it’s dark. If there are lights and water, even better. Reflections and calm yet beautiful colours are guaranteed. And they always look good ;) This scene is from Katajanokka and Meritullintori area. See how it looks from the other side.

HDR in Helsinki: Blue Hour by Harbor

Summer is coming. So is the Midnight Sun. The sun doesn’t set at all for some nights in the late June. Now, in the end of May, it still sets for about 6 hours. However, even now it’s pretty bright for long. For example, this photo was captured closer to midnight during the blue hour. It features the restaurant ship Relandersgrund anchored to the harbor next to Katajanokka district. The ship was originally a lightvessel in western Finland. It has been in Helsinki since 2006 and it is the oldest lightvessel in Finland.

During my HDR photography sessions there I stumbled upon a young Italian tourist couple. They were photographing the nearby Uspenski Cathedral. They didn’t have a tripod. I walked to them and lent my tripod to them. Now they got nice photos of the church. And that wasn’t really my first time when helping Italian tourists out in Helsinki. A month ago in the late evening I lent a young Italian man my tripod. He was trying to photograph the Cathedral. He was very thankful and got just the right angle with his 50mm fixed lens. All in all, I hope they all enjoyed their time here in Finland!

HDR in Helsinki: Holy Sun

Holy Sun picture was taken on the deck of passenger ferry. The sun is setting behind downtown Helsinki and is currently over Johanneksenkirkko church. The water is giving sunrays a nice reflection. The sun is perfectly in between the two steeples of the church. Right after taking this photo the ferry set the sails for Stockholm. I wonder if some Stockholm photos are published soon ;)

HDR in Helsinki: Mystery

I took this photo upon leaving for Stockholm by a passenger ferry. It shows the Katajanokka area and beyond. Now I’d like to ask you something: Can you name three famous landmarks of Helsinki found in this photo? Mysterious…