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HDR in Helsinki: Broken Clouds

This kind of broken clouds look good in photographs. I think now on summertime they’ve been appearing more. At least here in Helsinki. In addition to the clouds you can see the big Lapinlahden silta bridge leading to Lauttasaari district. The sea is in the foreground. And if you know what type of clouds those are exactly, please let me know!

HDR in Helsinki: Summer Has Come

Summer is here. It really felt like that when I was photographing in Lauttasaari island/district couple of days ago. I took a bus to the Lauttasaari center and walked northwest from there. I had checked the map and it looked very promising. Islands, sea, nature. When I got there the sun was setting right in the perfect spot. I didn’t calculate it before leaving home: it was just a coincidence. Anyway it worked pretty well. All in all, I have to say one of the best scenes for HDR photography is the sunset.

HDR in Helsinki: Lauttasaaren Silta

Yesterday I was shooting at Lauttasaaren silta. It is a bridge connecting mainland Helsinki to Lauttasaari island. I found a cool tool to find out the golden hour in a location of your choice. I had seen some great pictures from aforementioned area and thus decided to head there after calculating the golden hour(s). I also tried to shoot with greater exposure range. For example, this one from Lauttasaaren silta is made from 9 images of exposures -4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4.

HDR in Helsinki: Lauttasaari Lighthouse again

Remember the lighthouse in Lauttasaari? Well, here you go again. Now it has different colours. There is a spotlight that changes the colors giving the small lighthouse neat lights effect.

HDR in Helsinki: Lauttasaari Lighthouse

This is a little lighthouse in Lauttasaari, a residential area located on island. I wonder if the old beacon still works?