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HDR in Helsinki: Colorful

I had heard a lot about Malminkartanonhuippu. Is the highest point in Helsinki, an artificial hill in the district of Malminkartano. High places are always interesting. You get good views from there for example. One day we decided to check the hill. A road went up but it was closed with a barrier. So no car ride to top. So we took all 426 steps there. It’s not actually so much less than 551 steps needed to make it to the top of St Peter’s Church in Vatican… been there, done that :P

So when we got up we had 360 degree panorama views over Helsinki. We could see the downtown in distance. The Pasila TV tower. The Olympic Stadium tower. The airport. Everything with one glance. However, what was the most interesting part wasn’t found exactly in the top. It was found when walking the steps back down. When I looked back up after taking some steps down I saw today’s photo. Windbags and the colorful sky in the background. Since there were no joggers close running the steps up or down it was time for HDR photography. And this is what I got :)

HDR in Helsinki: Malminkartanon Rautatieasema

In the beginning there was a hill. Mother nature decided to put it there. Then came the man. He wanted to connect railway to the other side of the hill. For there was a big city called Vantaa. And people of Vantaa wanted to sometimes visit Helsinki. Thus the man dug through the hill. And made a train station there.

With railway stations of Helsinki suburbs being pretty boring Malminkartano is an exception. It is an exception because it’s located in a 300 meters long tunnel. Furthermore, there used to be a big (legal) graffiti on the walls. But it got erased because of Helsinki’s anti-graffiti campaign. I bet it would’ve looked great with HDR photography. But the scene isn’t bad now either. The most interesting suburb railway station in Helsinki. So far, at least.