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HDR in Helsinki: More Pasila

Some say that Pasila district is boring with its’ dull concrete apartments, lack of green areas and ugly railway station. Well, I agree with them. One day with my friend we were photographing in Pasila and searching for some interesting views. There is a cliff next to the station and we climbed there. There were water left from melting snow on the rocks with the Pasila station in background and we decided to take a shot. We also got another photo from the other side of the station.

HDR in Helsinki: Typical Pasila

Pasila is a major district in Helsinki. It has, for example, Pasila railway station which is the second busiest railway station in Finland. There are about 25 000 jobs in Pasila. Big educational establishment HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences is located next to the station. This photo shows many typical elements of Pasila: the railway station, Pasila TV tower, concrete jungle and broken chain-link fence. Oh, and graffiti too.

HDR in Helsinki: Underpass in Pasila

There was a construction site close to the Pasila railway station: they built a temporary underpass there so people could safely go from the one side to the other. It looked actually pretty neat after sunset and with spotlights. I haven’t checked the site for a while – the construction might still be under way.

HDR in Helsinki: Pasila Railway Station

One day I climbed to the rocks close to Pasila railway station. I waited for the station platforms to be empty of trains and then took the shots. Behind it you can see a glimpse of the world wheel of Linnanmäki amusement park.

HDR in Helsinki: Messukeskus in Pasila

Here you can see Helsingin Messukeskus (Helsinki Fair Centre) in Pasila district. They host a number of different fairs there. There is for example the DigiExpo fair for consumer electrics, which includes digital photography.