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HDR in Helsinki: On The Bridge

Crusellin silta (Crusell’s bridge) looks like this when you are in the middle of it. This is how it actually looks from the distance.

HDR in Helsinki: Canal

This is Ruoholahti canal on summertime. Many little yachts are anchored there by the residents of nearby houses. When I walked along the canal there were people in many boats. Not only in moving boats but in anchored ones as well. Most were sipping some beer and taking sunbathes. Somebody was also collecting cans and bottles from trash bins. She gets 10-40 cents from every returned can & bottle. Keeps the streets clean!

Don’t forget to check how the canal looks on the other end.

HDR in Helsinki: Crusellin Silta

Today’s photo is about bridge. A bridge called Crusellin silta. It has been open for just one year. It was probably built because Jätkäsaari – where the bridge leads you – is having a lot of construction sites today. One of the specialties of the bridge is lightning. It’s just not the usual street lamps but the purple glow coming from somewhere. Also the modern architecture is right on spot: it fits to Ruoholahti which is a developing and relatively new district as well. Makes good scene for HDR photography :)

HDR in Helsinki: Ruoholahti

One of the first photos in the blog was from Ruoholahti. It was taken on late December. This one, on the other hand, is taken on Summer. During the blue hour. It is taken on a bridge and the place in overall is very good for photography. Water, lights and boats. The bridge itself looks good too. It’s actually very new bridge: it was opened last summer. I’ll post a photo of it a bit later.

HDR in Helsinki: Profeetta Elian kirkko

Profeetta Elian kirkko (St. Elijah’s Church) is located in the orthodox cemetery of Helsinki. I was walking there in the beginning of March and apparently ran into some ceremony: I opened the front door of the church and saw bunch of people and smelt a scent of incense. I think the interiors would’ve been worthy of photographing. Usually it’s OK to photograph in Finnish churches and even use a tripod if you ask permission from the janitor. This time the ceremony was too intense for photographing in profeetta Elian kirkko.