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HDR in Helsinki: Sofiankatu

Some time ago I posted a blue hour picture from the same spot. Now it was time for a daylight photo. Or actually an evening photo – it’s taken at 10 pm. But it’s still bright. The street is an old street called Sofiankatu. The Helsinki Cathedral can be seen in the background.

HDR in Helsinki: Government Palace

Government Palace is the executive office building of our government. It’s located at Senaatintori square, next to the Helsinki Cathedral.

HDR in Helsinki: Senaatintori with Cathedral and Lux Helsinki

Earlier this year there was a Lux Helsinki event here. Here is one example of art in Senaatintori. There were other artwork around downtown Helsinki tooThis one is called rubix xpress. You can also see the Cathedral there.

HDR in Helsinki: Cathedral on Senaatintori

The Helsinki Cathedral is perhaps the most famous landmark in Helsinki and thus a good target for HDR photos. It lies in Senaatintori market square. It has neoclassical architecture style. Have you climbed those stairs? :P