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HDR in Estonia: Sunrise

Sunrise is Estonia isn’t bad. We woke up at five o’clock in the morning. Next to Gulf of Finland. Not actually to photograph but to drive. However when we saw this view we couldn’t help setting the tripod and shoot some. There was also some other photographer there. Hope he got awesome shots too!

HDR in Helsinki: No Parking Here

Nope, you can’t park here. After all it’s 10 meters from the Central Railway Station main entrance. The parking slots are on the right hand side. There’s plenty of space. Especially at this time of the day. Because it’s six o’clock in the spring-like Sunday morning.

Yeah, this photo is from the archives. The day was first of April when I was photographing the sunrise. I was returning from the bridge with bullet holes. The station area was surprisingly quiet – usually it’s the most busy area in Helsinki. There was only the sign, the seagull and about three people. In other words plenty of time for HDR photography :)

HDR in Helsinki: Tram Rails

Helsinki is the only city in Finland to have trams (as of now, they are planning to build tram network to Tampere too). This photo shows a typical view of a downtown street with tram rails. Sun is also rising on the horizon. On early Sunday morning there were no trams operating yet so it was easy to take photos in the middle of the street with long exposures. The trams number 1 and 7 use these particular tram rails and if you hop on the trams you can, for example, see the famous Cathedral.