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HDR in Helsinki: Purple

I recently made a guest post to Deno Kontoulas’ HDR blog. I got couraged by the positive comments. Thus I published another photo from the same shooting trip. The photo in Deno’s blog is taken in front of this building. The road in the foreground leads there. It was a coincidence that both the house and the sunset were purple. Nevertheless one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. How about you? :)

HDR in Helsinki: Sunset Behind Rocks

Boy, was the sunset beautiful that day! I decided to take the ferry to Suomenlinna island. From there you can see the setting sun nicely. The sea is between you and the sunset. Alas you can position yourself cleverly at the shore and play with different kind of compositions. I decided to try this one. It was very rocky shore this time. I think tripod got some scratches and it bend dangerously when setting it up. Anyways it’s a little broken already: Some little scratches and bendings don’t matter.

HDR in Helsinki: The Right Moment

The right moment doesn’t last long. It’s usually only some minutes during the sunset. And capturing sunset in Helsinki is not always easy: the sun doesn’t set nicely over the sea that you can comfortably look from the beach downtown. No, you have to go to places like Suomenlinna island or western areas of the downtown to capture it. This time I was in the right place at the right time. I had come to Suomenlinna knowing the possibly good views to shoot sunset. I knew the exact time sun would set. Besides all that the sunset was extraordinary beautiful that night. At least to me. The man from nearby house told me he sees this kind of sunset quite often.

HDR in Helsinki: Where Sand And Rock Meet

This beach is one of the swimming beaches of Suomenlinna island. It’s sandy at least here – don’t know about the other ones. Rocks dive under the sand and there are little rocks coming out from the sand as if they were little islands. Swimmers must watch out for them. In the last days of April there were no swimmers. It’s no wonder since the sea water is still freezing.

HDR in Helsinki: Goose Wall

Suomenlinna island among many things has plenty of walls. They were originally built to keep the Russians away – Finland was part of Sweden then and Russia was Sweden’s enemy. Nowadays the walls are just a memory of what the sea fortress used to be and birds for example search food on them. Here are two barnacle geese on a wall: one pecking the ground and one looking to the sea. On the background a glimpse of mainland (Katajanokka district) can be seen. The photo is taken from a bridge leading from Iso-Mustasaari to Pikku-Musta island. Zoom lens used.