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HDR in Helsinki: Colorful Sunset

I don’t know exactly what makes sunsets colorful. Maybe it’s some little particles, like dust and smog, that change the color. Maybe it’s the clouds that give it some variance. Anyway this one was captured week ago at Töölönlahti bay. Not every sunset is as beautiful as this. Maybe once in two weeks this kind of sunset appears. Then it’s time to go out with camera.

HDR in Helsinki: Olympic Stadium Tower

Olympic Stadium Tower is one of the landmarks of Helsinki. Now I captured it at Töölönlahti bay photo session. The tower can be seen behind the bay when looking from downtown. With the Opera house it gives a beautiful skyline. Especially at sunset. That day ragged clouds joined the sunset giving it an amazing look. Like the sky’s on fire.

The tower, however, is just a… tower. The main attraction there is the Olympic Stadium. It can’t be seen here because of the trees and hills. Anyway the Stadium hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics. Oh, and the Finn’s favourite drink Lonkero was made for those Olympics. Nowadays everybody drinks it. Wouldn’t it be nostalgic to have a pint of Lonkero at the top of the tower?

HDR in Helsinki: Dead Reed

Times ago they decided to leave Töölönlahti bay shores untouched. To its’ natural state. Thus, nowadays the reed can be annoyance on the shores of the bay. It has invaded Töölönlahti. In summertime it blocks the sight to the beautiful bay. Now the reed is still dead so it’s fine. I wonder if you can see the Finnish National Opera or the Olympic Stadium tower in one month. I guess not.

After taking this photo I went to Jaskan Grilli. It is a snack bar located nearby. It is a local legend; largely due to its’ personal ex owner Jaska (hence the name Jaskan Grilli = Jaska’s Snack Bar). To me, the snack bar means excellent sausage potatoes. With extra chili mayonnaise. Sometimes double.