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HDR in Helsinki: April Sun

April sun is here. There are some signs that summer is coming soon: longer days, more light and warmer outside. You can also see the springtime from people: the hobos, drunken people and panhandlers have appeared to street corners again. Such people don’t exist on this island called Uunisaari in front of Helsinki though. One evening I was walking there and looking for good landscapes. I also got a picture of swan showing off next to this spot.

HDR in Helsinki: Gulf of Finland

The other day I had a walk in Uunisaari island. It’s located on Helsinki’s southern coastal waters with little bridge connecting it to mainland. From there you can see the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost part of the Baltic Sea. There are not many islands in the sea in front of Helsinki and thus you can see as far as horizon allows you. The Estonian capital of Tallinn is somewhere there too and from high buildings you can actually see it.

HDR in Helsinki: Calm Baltic Sea

This place is all wet and splash when it winds. However, now Baltic Sea is calm. Even the clouds didn’t move much for 5 exposure shot so it was easy to shoot even with my manual bracketing camera. The photo is taken at Uunisaari island which is a group of islands in front of Helsinki. You can reach it using a small bridge. Wikipedia tells (in Finnish) that they used to make coffins in the island. Spoooky!

HDR in Helsinki: View to Ullanlinna from Uunisaari

There are the fancy buildings of Ullanlinna. Photo is taken from Uunisaari island. You can see this building there too :)