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Looking for a good webhost? Maybe you want to make a photography website? Or a photo blog? In any way I strongly recommend Tsohost. It’s my current hosting company. I’ve been using it since 2010. Many other companies had disappointed me so I was skeptical about this one too. However it turned out that Tsohost was the best hosting I’ve ever tried. Why? Let me tell you more about it.

Quick Facts

Features They Offer To You

The most interesting service for a typical user – and for a photographer – is their Linux hosting service. All of their Linux hosting packages offer cPanel, PHP5, Perl, MySQL and Webmail. In other words you can run all the most famous blogs and content management systems on Tsohost. These include, but are not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and phpBB. This means a photographer can easily start a photography website or blog there.

Tsohost offers three versions of Linux hosting: Lite, Standard and Pro. As you might’ve guessed the difference is in the features. The packages differ mainly in the following three areas: numbers of domain hosted, disk space and bandwidth. The Lite package offers 2 hosted domains, 0.5GB disk space and 5GB of bandwidth per month. The Pro package offers 6 hosted domains, 10GB disk space and 150G of bandwidth per month. The Standard package stands in between with 4 hosted domains, 2.5GB disk space and 20GB of bandwidth per month.

What package I bought? Well, I knew I’d probably have more than one website. Thus I needed more than 1 hosted domain. I also knew that photos will take much space. Photos also consume much bandwidth. The price for the Pro package wasn’t bad: only £49.99 for one year (about $80 or 60€). So I went for the Pro package and have been running on it for 1,5 years now. It has been enough in every aspect feature wise.

So what package you want? For a starting yet determined photographer/blogger looking for serious performance I’d say Pro. When you invest 50 pounds there’s no worry you’ll run out of space or bandwidth. It will also handle photo per day publishing frequency and aggressive marketing. After the year you can re-evaluate your needs and perhaps update to Virtual Private Server. If you just want a mostly text-based website without ambitious plans to expand, then Lite and Standard will do.

Anything bad about Tsohost features? Well, just a minor thing. I hope they had more hosted domains included. The Pro package’s 6 is fine. However if you have a habit to test small websites and eventually keep some you might run out of domains. For example I’m using all the 6 domains at the moment. Still you can buy them more (to Standard and Pro) package for £25 per 5 domains a year.

They Serve Their Customer Well

Perhaps the previous chapter about the Features didn’t convince you. It didn’t convince me either. Many other offer the same for lower price. Or they offer unlimited space, bandwidth and domains. Well, the thing that Tsohost really convinced me with was their customer service.

For starters there’s a variety of ways to get in touch with them. They got online knowledgebase, online ticketing system, telephone support, email support and customer forum. They also offer their full postal address which is a plus. Many companies don’t and it’s very suspicious. Tsohost announces that their average support time is 12 minutes. It might sound too good but I tell you it’s true.

Those times I’ve asked them something by email they’ve replied right away. I just went to eat, perhaps answer some other emails or had a short AFK (away from keyboard) moment. When I came back the answer was there. And not only any kind of answer but a helpful and thorough one. Let me give you an example.

When I was ordering Tsohost in 2010 I was bored of bad hosting companies. I had a feeling Tsohost will be just another money greedy bad host in the crowd. From previous hosts I had been asking pre-sale questions such as clarification of TOS, IP address to test ping, location of datacenters, availability of SSH. With Tsohost I didn’t have to. All the information was found in their web site. As if they knew that some customers want to know more than the basic stuff. They were prepared for them. Excellent thinking!

Another example occurred lately. It was May Day (a big celebration here in Finland). My Finnish friend from Stockholm was visiting me. In the evening he decided to make a website. I said he could use my Tsohost account. So we made a FTP account for him. Then we opened WinSCP (FTP program) and tried to connect Tsohost. Too bad we were a bit intoxicated and we mistyped the username several times. As a result Tsohost locked our IP address out. It was 2:34 on Sunday night when I wrote request to Tsohost support. And it was 2:46 when the lockout was removed.

What did we do? Well, we mistyped the friggin’ username again. Only after 5 minutes of the unblocking. I didn’t dare to contact them until next evening. The clock was 21:35. And at 22:01 a reply arrived. The lockout was removed again.

I’d say these examples and the general functionality, speed and friendliness of their customer support make them a very good choice. They answer you in the middle of the night. Even Sunday night. And they don’t get pissed if a drunk moron mistypes username and requests unblock two times.

Other Stuff That Make Tsohost Stand Out

Their Terms of Service guarantee 99.9% uptime. It is the basic uptime guarantee of hosting providers. It means that your website can be no more than about 43 minutes down every month. What makes Tsohost so special? I guess it’s example time again.

On 7th of February I got mail from them. Here’s a summary:

At 15:48 on Monday 6th February Tsohost servers experienced a Denial of Service attack. Some of their shared hosting accounts were down or at least slow. They dispatched an engineer to the datacenter. Everything was fixed at 16:38. They regretted deeply about the downtime and asked to accept their sincere apologies. They also offered SLA credits added to your account. This means that you could’ve got free hosting time.

The mail explained the cause of the downtime very thoroughly. It also explained very well what they did to fix the problem. Furthermore the mail was written in very friendly way. It really showed that they care about the company-customer relations.

Is there something more? Yes, a clear Terms of Services. No hidden fees, no hidden contracts nor hidden terms. Also they don’t have to put hidden limitations about the resource usage. Many hosting companies offer “unlimited” disk space, bandwidth and domains but “forget” to clearly tell there’s still a limit. A CPU usage limit. Even if you have unlimited everything you can still use CPU too much. A bad host will then terminate your account. Tsohost doesn’t do this. They openly show the features for each hosting package on their website. There are limits but they are shown in a correct manner. Not hidden in TOS.

The Bottom Line

If you want to have a website, take Tsohost. If you want a photo blog, take Tsohost. If you have a host already and it sucks take Tsohost. I’m confident it’s excellent choice for your money. In fact I’m so confident I’ll direct you to their web site right now. It is an affiliate link meaning I’ll get a little commission should you trust me and choose Tsohost.

I understand if you are doubtful about this article now. You found out I get money if a visitor buys Tsohost through my site. Maybe I made this article just to make you buy Tsohost? Maybe I’m a cunning little bastard and all I want is your money? Well, Tsohost has 60 days money back guarantee. They used to have 30 day guarantee but they doubled it to 60 days. If you are unhappy with them they’ll give you money back. And I get nothing. Wouldn’t be a good deal for any of us. Plus, I never talk bullshit to you. There are enough of bullshit in the world already. So do the right thing and choose BlogForPhotos fully approved Tsohost hosting!

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